Total Eclipse Band

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About Total Eclipse

Do you love the music of the early seventies through the mid-eighties?

So do we.

Are you tired of hearing the same bands playing the same songs in the same clubs and parties over and over again?

So are we.

Through out my party I had at least 25-30 people tell me that they loved the band. (Great song choices and great sounding) They are FABULOUS! –Charity G. Rocklin, CA

Total Eclipse Is Not Your Typical Cover Band

Our set list is guaranteed to drop your jaw and make you dance!

We are not your typical cover band. If you are looking for ‘Brick House’ or ‘Play That Funky Music,’ keep looking… but if you are ready for an impressive mix of rock and pop tunes from the rocking days of the mid 70′s to the new wave progression of the 80′s, then WE are the band for you!

I wanted to thank you and the band so much for playing at the party last Saturday night. EVERYONE had the best time. You guys have been the talk of the week. A few people have asked where youíre playing so they can come and see you. Others have gone to your website and put your music on their computers at work for them and their coworkers (who now also love you). Still a couple more who want to have a party, to hear you play again. Kameoís neighbor came over to thank them for having ìthe bandî. His wife had had back surgery and hadnít been very mobile. They went out to their back porch, poured themselves some wine and listened to your music, even got up and slowed dance a little. Said that they could have you back anytime.

Just wanted to let you know that you were a great big hit and will definitely be called for our next big party.

Thank you again and please let the rest of the band know how much everyone enjoyed them.


We have extensive experience in performing at weddings, corporate events, outdoor festivals and private parties. We are available for any occasion.